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Muay Thai is not just the ability to strike harder or faster than your opponent, it involves outthinking, outmaneuvering and the ability to adapt to any circumstance. Ajarn Phil brings his unique yet practical application of Muay Thai to a holistic approach of living, finding inner and outer balance.


Our Story

Ajarn Philip Nurse is a traditional Muay Thai master who strategically marries the footwork of Mohammed Ali with crafty execution to create one of the most exciting and effective forms of Muay Thai practiced today. Ajarn Phil’s strength is in the application of the philosophy that his fighters should be conditioned and ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Ajarn Phil combines the sophisticated use of leverage and bodyweight along with clinch work to make his fighters tactically valuable on the inside while enabling them to be able to avoid and initiate takedowns. His camp, Wat, is renowned for their offensive and defensive use of clinch work in competitive arenas. The exposure to Asian, European , and American Muay Thai has enhanced Ajarn Phil’s reputation as a trainer and teacher whose skill is unsurpassed over a career spanning over 30 years.


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Angel Rodriguez is the owner and head instructor of UNDRRTD FTNSS AND THE ART OF MUAY THAI. Angel is a NASM Certified strength and Conditioning Personal trainer, as well as an amateur MMA fighter. Angel has been training MMA for more than 4 years under edge Hoboken and has 2 amateur fights under is belt, He is now training under Phil nurse in the wat gym.